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  • Score a basket or make a goal and the smart sports center responds with cheerful sounds and phrases to keep the fun going
  • The scoreboard displays the number of points on the animated screen to reinforce learning and encourage the action
  • Growth spurts are no problem with this two-level, adjustable-height basketball hoop
  • 65+ songs, sounds, melodies and phrases keep the fun and learning going, encouraging gross and fine motor skill development
  • Intended for ages 12-36 months; requires 3 AA batteries; batteries included for demo purposes only; new batteries recommended for regular use
  • With loads of learning, this basketball and soccer sports toy makes the perfect baby or toddler gift for any occasion
  • Build vocabulary with words about sea creatures, weather, letters, numbers and colors in Explore and Letter modes.
  • Eight piano keys play piano notes and teach the music scale in music mode.
  • 225 songs, melodies, sounds, and phrases.
  • requires 2 AA batteries; batteries included for demonstration purposes only
  • attaches the baby toy to high chairs and other surfaces using the suction cup underneath
  • three fun songs to sing along, 15 melodies and lots of phrases to listen
  •  With bright colors and patterns and a cloth mane to stimulate the tactile senses, little ones will love exploring all the different textures, the lion's nose lights up with responses, encouraging your baby's sensory development.
  • Ideal Gift
  • Ideal for gift
  • makes exciting new sounds when shaken
  • 3 magical songs, 10 melodies and lots of fun phrases
  • Pop-Out Games

  • Shape buttons

  • Playful music

  • Throw and swing

  • 2 AA batteries; batteries included for demo purposes only
  • developing motor skills
  • Stimulate your baby's auditory senses
  • Learn and play with the Vtech Push and Spin helicopter. Press the top blade of the rotor to see the helicope.
  • The 2 animal buttons are great for exploring as they shoot up lights, catchy music, and fun responses.
  • Fresh phrases, sounds, and melodies encourage discovery and exploration and introduce your baby to t
  • It has 3 singing songs and 10 fun melodies. Features Encourages play, creativity
  • Adorable little elephant which sings songs as you push it along!
  • Includes a light up button that triggers sing-along songs and fun phrases
  • 2 shape buttons that introduces animals to baby
  • Includes a easy-to-hold handle to push the elephant along
  • Features 2 sing-along songs and 10 melodies
  • With a rattle and a shake, this cute koala will keep little hands and minds active through play!
  • Twisting ears help develop fine motor skills
  • Light up heart button triggers fun responses
  • Motion sensor activates fun sounds
  • Small, soft plush football with light up feature
  • Encourages motor skills, visual development and touching and hearing
  • 3 songs and 15 melodies that develop auditory skills and keep your little one fully engaged
  •  plush toy is the ideal interactive toy, as built-in motion sensors stimulate 
  • cover to be hand washed
  • Ideal for gift
  • real-life experiences and roleplay
  • 50 different songs, melodies, sounds
  • Ideal for Gift
  • Develop fine motor skills

  • Chute Block
  • Stacking game
  • Block classifier
  • Six beaded tracks that your little one can Slide, Twist, Vibrate and Spin to develop motor skills
  • Three input buttons, colors, numbers, animals and vocabulary and play sounds, music and songs
  • The ball is equipped with a motion sensor that responds to movement with fun sounds and short melodies
  • Interactive desktop and 4 double-sided touch pages
  • Light up writing pad with stylus to write and draw
  • Toy phone teaches greeting phrases
  • Play over 20 pop and classical songs
  • Introduce letters, phonics, numbers and colours
  • Learn body parts, animals, shapes, seasons and more
  • Cute soft kitten carrier with an activity centre.
  • Introduces letter sounds, kitten objects, numbers and shapes.
  • Includes 7 songs and 20 melodies.
  • Ideal for gift