Do I Need A Foldable Scooter?
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Do I Need A Foldable Scooter?
Check out the most common reasons why you need to upgrade to Globber’s foldable scooters for kids and teens!

1. Your kids want to bring their Globber scooters everywhere you go!

No matter where you’re going, whether it’s to the park, supermarket, shopping center, across the street to a neighbor or to a friend’s place, our award-winning scooters are always your kids’ must-have companions! 

2. Your kids refuse to put down our scooters (we can understand though!)

We totally understand your little ones love for our Globber 3-wheel scooters and 2-wheel scooters, but it can sometimes be a headache for you. Here’s a simple trick: fold up our Globber scooter and they’ll stop riding

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